Ahmed Technology

At Ahmed Technology we offer a variety of technology services that can help your business compete and grow in this modern era. We help make technology work for you and not the other way around.

computer Sales & service

Ahmed Technology can provide you with all your computer hardware needs. From notebooks, desktops, servers, printers, thin clientes, routers, switches, Keyboard, mouse, security cameras, IP phones and PBX, software licenses and many more.

We are authorized re-sellers for the most popular brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, NComputing, Faronics, McAfee, Microsoft, Google and others.

We also provide the service you need to maintain your systems up and running .

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computer Repair

Here at Ahmed Technology one of our qualified technicians will diagnose and perform an assessment to determine whats needed to repair your computer.

We provide virus and malware removal services and also supply all software licenses and hardware parts that are required to ensure your system is returned to a usable state.

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Software license provider

We can help provide you and your business with your software and licensing needs and requirements. We provide software licenses for the private, government and educational sector.

We are authorized re-sellers for popular brands such as:

Microsoft, Adobe, Faronics, Google, McAfee, NComputing, True Cafe and more....

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structured Data cabling

We offer structured cabling design and installation that will support your Data, VoIP, Video (security cameras) network.

We also can supply you with all data cabling related equipment and materiales for your network such as:

Data cables cat5, cat6, wallmount racks, switches, patch panel, jacks, connectors, patch cords, surface raceway, all raceway fittings, face plates, junction box, and many others...

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Voip phone systems

Everything you need for VoIP

We can supply a VoIP system that suits your needs. We will perform the assessment, design, installation and support for your new VoIP system.

We also provide all the hardware necessary for a successful implementation such as:

  • IP PBX Appliance

  • IP Phones

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Headsets

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Help desk support

We provide Help Desk Support for your office equipment and end users.

Desktop Support may include break-fix coverage as well as limited support and technical guidance. Support can be provided on-site, by phone or remotely, to repair and support software-related issues on company networks and individual user computers and peripherals.

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Web hosting service

We offer Web Hosting Services, great for small businesses that are just getting started. We can host your website and provide your business with its Domain Name.

We will also provide you with a basic website so you can start having presence on the web.

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Security cameras

We specialize in the sale and installation of security cameras. We carry out camera installations, closed circuit (CCTV) for domestic use, for businesses, offices, schools, industrial warehouses, among others.

You can view security cameras from your mobile devices, tablet or computer, you only need to have Internet access.

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Maintenance contracts & outsourcing

The latest good management philosophy states that "Companies should focus on doing what they know how to do well and use the concept of hiring or "outsourcing" for other areas such as computing or IT Services."

We offer maintenance and technical service contracts tailored to your needs and budget.

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