Allows you to easily control your end-users' Windows Experience without having to deal with GPOs.


Whether you're working on classified government files or the secret ingredient for your famous lasagna, you need to protect your sensitive information from walking out the door.

Faronics WINSelect offers the ability to disable USB ports and disk drives. Now you can relax knowing your secrets won't be exported without your knowledge.


Locking down workstations can be vital to ensuring availability, but using Group Policy Objects can be a technical nightmare. Now you can do it in seconds without using GPOs.

Faronics WINSelect helps you control the user experience including everything from applications to printing. Now you can relax with fewer IT support tickets and happier users. It's a win-win.


Faronics WINSelect helps to eliminate the hassle and complexity of locking down computers with Group Policies. It reduces the amount of organizational time and money required to create kiosk computing environments and enables easy enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies.

Enterprise Control

  • Deploy and manage WINSelect directly from the Faronics Core

  • Schedule WINSelect restriction times and levels

  • Command Line Interface support for workstation management

  • Schedule, execute, and configure tasks and settings via groups

  • Apply configuration changes without workstation logoff

  • Remotely scan a machine and select the programs which are allowed and not allowed to run

Kiosk Options

  • Automatically launch predetermined applications upon startup

  • Block access to specific menu items and hot-key combinations

  • Restrict access to any application on the workstation

Microsoft Office Application Functionality

  • Prevent the use of Visual Basic for Applications and prevent access to VBA through Microsoft Office

  • Prevent macro shortcuts within Microsoft Office programs

  • Disable tools/add-in menu items to prevent users from enabling/disabling Microsoft Office add-in programs

  • Disable the Web toolbar within Microsoft Office

  • Disable the Detect and Repair option from the Help menu

Session Timer Settings

  • Create time-limited user session with a countdown timer on screen

  • Decide whether users have the option to extend session limits

  • Create multiple time segments that reference codes for users to input

Control Panel and Desktop Restrictions

  • Restrict access to user accounts

  • Prevent right-clicks on desktop icons or hide them completely

Windows Explorer Restrictions

  • Prevent drag and drop functionality

  • Prevent delete, rename, and folder creation

  • Restrict access to UNC path

Regulate Start Button Functionality

  • Hide the Start Button or disable right-click functionality

  • Customize which options are available via the Start Menu

  • Force the Classic style Start Menu to remove the Control Panel, Printer, and Network Settings from the menu option

Internet Explorer Restrictions

  • Control which features and options are available within Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

  • Prevent right-clicks within the browser

  • Prevent users from changing the default homepage

  • Prevent Microsoft Office from being launched via the execution of Office application files

  • Provide all KIOSK mode options

  • Create a list of allowed or restricted web sites by domain name, IP address, or range of IP addresses and domain names

  • Prevent users from using the address bar to access files

Open, Save, and Print Options

  • Control read access with the option to block saving data to the Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, CD, DVD and USB devices

  • Control or block network and web-based data storage

  • Restrict the opening and saving of files with specific file extensions

  • Restrict user access to specific printers

  • Restrict the number of pages a user can print

Active Directory Template Integration

  • Import ADM templates for Active Directory to control any Microsoft product

  • Import Microsoft Vista GPO’s to control workstation functions

WINSelect Templates

  • Export all configurations into a secure file

  • Use template files to easily deploy standard settings to multiple workstations