Stop threats before they start by blocking unauthorized executables


Faronics Anti-Executable blocks any unknown threats that can bypass your antivirus solution. It protects you from sophisticated threats like zero-day attacks, mutating malware and advanced persistent threats that necessitate an approach that goes beyond a traditional antivirus solution, by ensuring only approved applications are allowed to run on a computer.

Cutting Edge Security

Protect users from unknown threats such as zero-day attacks, mutating malware, advanced persistent threats and sophisticated attacks.

Operational Savings

Ensure computers, systems and bandwidth are used for intended purposes with customized solutions for different computer usage needs.

Comprehensive Control

Allow organizations to enjoy the benefits of application control such as publisher-based approvals, policy-based control, and protection at the local machine level.

Boost Productivity

Accelerate IT productivity with an automated initial set-up, standardized configuration, central management, and reduced IT support tickets.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports all violations, blocked programs and activity, including which programs are causing the most violations and which machines have the highest number of violations.

Network Level Blocking

Allow or block execution of applications regardless of location and log all unauthorized application launch and software installation violations.