Deep Freeze - Industry Usage


Uninterrupted education with non-restrictive computer protection

Computer Labs

Provide students with unrestricted access to their computers while preventing permanent configuration changes with Reboot to Restore Technology.

Teachers and Staff Computers

Patented Reboot to Restore Technology provides bulletproof protection to computers and ensure uninterrupted education.

Classroom Testing Environments

Manage classroom testing environments with ease. Restrict functionality, block unauthorized programs, and reverse configuration changes with a simple reboot.

Laptop, Macbooks, Chromebooks, and Windows Tablets

Eliminate computer downtime, reverse changes to student computers, and fix issues with a simple reboot.


100% System Availability for Mission Critical Systems

Mobile Data Computers

Mobile teams can now fix technical issues in their computers with a single reboot. Avoid delays in field operations by fixing issues instantly.

Self Service Kiosks

Create secure citizen service kiosks by allowing only specific applications to run.

Multi-location offices

Protect, secure, update, deploy, and manage computers across multiple locations from a browser.

Digital Evidence Kiosks

Erase sensitive data with a reboot and stay compliant with state and federal regulations. Fix issues with multi-user systems with a single reboot.

Data Servers

Protect servers from virus, spyware, rootkits, ransomware and unwanted changes. Protect critical data by maintaining a clean system with pristine configuration.

Laptops and Notebooks

Reduce IT costs to fix, update, and maintain computers across your organization. Preserve configuration in its pristine state and avoid computer downtime.

Dispatch Systems

Ensure 100% uptime for first responder systems and eliminate the delay in response due to computer downtime.


Fix Medical Systems with a Single Reboot and Avoid Delay in Patient Care

Computers on Wheels (COW)

Ensure privacy by erasing session data with a single reboot. Reverse configuration changes caused by multiple medical staff accessing the same COW.

Monitoring and Examination Systems

Fix issues in critical Monitoring and Examination systems like endoscopy systems and patient monitoring systems with a simple reboot. Save valuable time for doctors as well as patients.

Hospital Management Systems

Ensure optimum performance for computers handling medical records, prescriptions, medical billing, and insurance data. Fix issues with a single reboot.

Scanning and Imaging Systems

Ensure 100% uptime for Scanning and Imaging systems like Ultrasound, CT Scan, X-Ray and other critical systems.


Keep Your Retail Operations Running Smoothly While Eliminating Outrageous IT Costs

Point of Sale Computers

Eliminate malware, prevent data breaches, reverse configuration drift and augment PCI compliance.

Customer Service Kiosks

Create secure customer service kiosks, restrict functionality and allow only specific applications to run.

Demo Computers

Keep demo computers in their pristine state by reversing changes caused by multiple users.

Warehouse & Store Computers

Keep inventory, restocking, and shipping computers up and running 24/7 by reversing issues with a single reboot.

Surface Books and Windows Tablets

Empower employees to fix issues on their Surface Books and Windows tablets with a simple reboot. Increase employee productivity and optimize onsite and offsite operations.

Multi-location Stores

Protect, secure, manage, and update computers globally from a web browser or from your mobile device.